Skilled Occupation List

Skilled Occupation List

Skilled Occupation List – Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) – Points Tested

Below is the list of occupations which would qualify you for an Australian work visa – Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189).

Step 1: You must have an occupation on the below skilled occupation list.

Step 2: You must satisfy the Eligibility Assessment with a score of 65 points or more.

1. Accountant

Occupation Visa Type Occupation Visa Type
Accountant (General) MLTSSL External Auditor MLTSSL
Management Accountant MLTSSL Tax Accountant MLTSSL

2. Architect

Occupation Visa Type Occupation Visa Type
Landscape Architect MLTSSL Naval Architect MLTSSL
Qualified Architect MLTSSL

3. Engineer

Occupation Visa Type Occupation Visa Type
Aeronautical Engineer MLTSSL Agricultural Engineer MLTSSL
Biomedical Engineer MLTSSL Chemical Engineer MLTSSL
Civil Engineer MLTSSL Civil Engineering Draftsperson MLTSSL
Civil Engineering Technician MLTSSL Electrical Engineer MLTSSL
Electrical Engineering Draftsperson MLTSSL Electrical Engineering Technician MLTSSL
Engineering Manager MLTSSL Engineering Professionals MLTSSL
Environmental Engineer MLTSSL Geotechnical Engineer MLTSSL
Industrial Engineer MLTSSL Materials Engineer MLTSSL
Mechanical Engineer MLTSSL Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) MLTSSL
Petroleum Engineer MLTSSL Physicist MLTSSL
Production or Plant Engineer MLTSSL Structural Engineer MLTSSL
Telecommunications Engineer MLTSSL Telecommunications Field Engineer MLTSSL
Transport Engineer MLTSSL

4. Medical Practitioner

Occupation Visa Type Occupation Visa Type
Biochemist MLTSSL Biomedical Engineer MLTSSL
Cardiologist MLTSSL Cardiothoracic Surgeon MLTSSL
Chemist MLTSSL Chiropractor MLTSSL
Clinical Haematologist MLTSSL Clinical Psychologist MLTSSL
Dermatologist MLTSSL Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist MLTSSL
Emergency Medicine Specialist MLTSSL Endocrinologist MLTSSL
Gastroenterologist MLTSSL General Practitioner MLTSSL
Intensive Care Specialist MLTSSL Medical Diagnostic Radiographer MLTSSL
Medical Laboratory Scientist MLTSSL Medical Oncologist MLTSSL
Medical Practitioners nec MLTSSL Medical Radiation Therapist MLTSSL
Neurologist MLTSSL Neurosurgeon MLTSSL
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist MLTSSL Occupational Therapist MLTSSL
Ophthalmologist MLTSSL Optometrist MLTSSL
Organisational Psychologist MLTSSL Orthopaedic Surgeon MLTSSL
Orthotist or Prosthetist MLTSSL Osteopath MLTSSL
Otorhinolaryngologist MLTSSL Paediatric Surgeon MLTSSL
Paediatrician MLTSSL Pathologist MLTSSL
Physiotherapist MLTSSL Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon MLTSSL
Podiatrist MLTSSL Psychiatrist MLTSSL
Psychologists MLTSSL Radiation Oncologist MLTSSL
Renal Medicine Specialist MLTSSL Rheumatologist MLTSSL
Sonographer MLTSSL Specialist Physician (General Medicine) MLTSSL
Specialist Physicians nec MLTSSL Speech Pathologist MLTSSL
Surgeon (General) MLTSSL Thoracic Medicine Specialist MLTSSL
Urologist MLTSSL Vascular Surgeon MLTSSL

5. Nurse

Occupation Visa Type Occupation Visa Type
Nurse Practitioner MLTSSL Registered Nurse (Aged Care) MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health) MLTSSL Registered Nurse (Community Health) MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) MLTSSL Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability) MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation) MLTSSL Registered Nurse (Medical Practice) MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Medical) MLTSSL Registered Nurse (Mental Health) MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) MLTSSL Registered Nurse (Perioperative) MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Surgical) MLTSSL Registered Nurses MLTSSL

6. Veterinarian

Occupation Visa Type
Veterinarian MLTSSL

7. Surveyor

Occupation Visa Type
Surveyor MLTSSL

8. Cartographer

Occupation Visa Type
Cartographer MLTSSL

9. Social Worker

Occupation Visa Type
Social Worker MLTSSL

10. Chef

Occupation Visa Type

11. Pharmacist

Occupation Visa Type
Hospital Pharmacist MLTSSL
Retail Pharmacist MLTSSL
Industrial Pharmacist MLTSSL