Mobile phone transfer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are three options for ‘transferring’ your mobile telephone for use in Australia:

  1. International roaming – normally for short-term use, where you continue to make payments with your existing service provider and retain your mobile telephone number. Ensure that you take note of the charges associated with international roaming as they can be quite expensive per telephone call, SMS and message retrieval. Speak to your service provider for details.
  2. New connection – you can set up an account and connect to one of the many service providers in Australia. You may be able to use your existing mobile telephone or buy a new one, either outright or through a plan. A new connection will most likely require a new mobile telephone number. You can apply for a business package if the mobile telephone will be used for your business; however, you will need an Australian Business Number (ABN), an Australian Company Number (ACN) or an Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) to apply.
    Visit the Australian Business Register website​ for more information.
  3. Pre-paid – most service providers have a pre-paid service where you can “pay as you go” –​ with no contracts or long-term commitments.

​Search online for providers or consider the following two largest service providers in Australia.


T: 13 22 00
(from within Australia)



T: 1800 780 219
(from within Australia)