Child care

There are various childcare options: 

  • long day care*; 
  • family day care*; 
  • in-home care; 
  • outside school hours care; and 
  • occasional care. 

*most childcare options

​Family day care is where an educator provides care in their own home for a set number of children, including their own children, in accordance with national law and national regulations.

Long day care is a centre based child care service. Long day care services provide all day or part time care for children of working families and the general community. Private operators, local councils, community organisations, employers or non-profit organisations may run these services.

​The Commonwealth Government has established the MyChild.gov.au website​ ​and the Child Care Access Hotline on 1800 670 305 (from within Australia). Both services provide information to help you choose a childcare service that meets your needs, such as:

  • childcare services in your area;
  • types of childcare available;
  • quality issues; and
  • childcare financial assistance.