Migrant Community Services

Finding relatives

Australian Red Cross Restoring Family Links Program helps families who are separated by war, disaster and migration. This work includes finding missing loved ones, re-establishing contact, exchanging family news and clarifying the fate of the missing.

​To use the service, contact:

Australian Red Cross

Freecall Hotline: 1800 875 1999 (9.00 am – 5.00 pm AEST)

T: +61 8 9225 8887 (from outside Australia)




There are many religions represented in Australia and subsequently hundreds of churches, mosques and temples. To find the contact details of your religious group, visit the Yellow Pages​.

Playgroups and kids clubs

A playgroup is made up of a group of parents and their young children who meet together for interaction and play. Children normally attend from birth to kindergarten/school age. Playgroups are run by members and meet in a variety of venues.​