Household services


To obtain a standard telephone service, you will need to contact a telephone company that offers services in your residential area. Different providers may offer different service and pricing packages.

​For a full list of providers, visit the Yellow Pages​.

International calling codes

Australia’s international country calling code is 61.

Calling a mobile

​Mobile phone numbers in Australia start with 04.

When calling a mobile phone from outside Australia, the first
0 is dropped. Dial 614 followed by the mobile phone number.

For example, to dial 04XX XXX XXX from an overseas location, you would dial 614X XXX XXX.

Making an international call

​To make an international call from Australia, dial 0011 followed by the country dialling code, the area code. Drop the zero then enter the phone number.

To find a country dialling code, visit the White Pages website.

Interstate area dialling codes

  • Australian Capital Territory   02

  • New South Wales                 02

  • Northern Territory ​                08

  • Queensland                          07

  • South Australia                     08

  • Tasmania                              03

  • Victoria                                  03

  • Western Australia                  08


Australia Post operates the Australian mail system.