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Chef’s Pathway To Australia

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Chef’s continue to be in demand in Australia, and can apply for visas allowing migration under the general skilled program.

If you are a Chef moving to Australia, you will need to complete the mandatory Chef skills assessment which is required for your visa for Australia. Chef ANZSCO Code is 351311.

On completion of the Chef skills assessment you will be issued with your Australian Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery. This will be invaluable for employment once you arrive in Australia.

These visas allow you and your family to:

  • Live and work in Australia
  • Enter and leave without the need for further visas
  • Access Medicare
  • Access education for children without contribution
  • Access financial services
  • Own property
  • Sponsor other eligible family members after two years
  • Apply for full citizenship and dual nationality after four years
Assessment Process

Your assessment process (either Pathway 1 or Pathway 2) depends on whether you have or don’t have an accepted Australian qualification or current Australian occupational licence.

Pathway 1 – You don’t have an Australian qualification or occupational licence

If you are eligible for a Trade Skills Assessment and are confident you have the skills and knowledge outlined in the Fact Sheet for your occupation, you can apply online.

As part of the application process, you need to provide evidence of your employment, skills and knowledge. Your evidence must show you meet the minimum employment experience requirements for your nominated occupation:

  • Licensed Trades – 6 years’ employment experience (with no formal training)
  • Licensed Trades – 4 years’ employment experience (with relevant formal training)
  • Non-licensed Trades – 5 years’ employment experience (with no formal training)
  • Non-licensed Trades – 3 years’ employment experience (with relevant formal training)

Your evidence must show you have worked in your occupation for at least 12 months within the last 3 years and must be able to be verified.

For more information regarding the employment experience requirements for a Pathway 1 application, please refer to the Pathway 1 Employment Experience Guidelines.

After you have uploaded all relevant and verifiable evidence, you will pay for the first stage of the assessment. You will be required to submit payment directly to Trades Recognition Australia.

Stage 1: Evidence review

An assessor will review the evidence you provide to check you have sufficient employment experience and the skills and knowledge required to work in your occupation in Australia.

When reviewing your evidence, the assessor will conduct checks including calling your referees to confirm your evidence is genuine. Therefore you must make sure you provide us with current contact details.

Stage 2: Practical Assessment and/or Technical Interview

If you have provided sufficient, appropriate evidence, you will be asked to pay the Stage 2 fee and complete a Practical Assessment and/or a Technical Interview. This fee is payable directly to Trades Recognition Australia.

In a Practical Assessment, you will complete a series of tasks while being watched by an assessor.

In a Technical Interview, an assessor will ask you a range of questions about the skills and knowledge required to work in your occupation.

All assessments are held in English and no interpreter is allowed.

If you are applying for a licensed occupation (Electrician, Plumber or Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic), then you MUST complete both a Technical Interview and a Practical Assessment.

For other occupations, you must complete a Technical Interview.

Receive your assessment outcome

If your Trade Skills Assessment is successful, you will receive:

  • a Successful Assessment Outcome letter
  • an Australian Certificate III or IV qualification and Statement of Results (non-licensed occupations only)
  • an Offshore Technical Skills Record (licensed occupations only).

If your Trade Skills Assessment is unsuccessful, you will receive:

  • an Unsuccessful Assessment Outcome letter
  • a Statement of Results and Statement of Attainment (non-licensed occupations only).
How to Apply for your Skills Assessment

• You may obtain further information on how to apply for your ‘Skills Assessment’ via simply clicking on the blue links located on ‘page 8 and 9’ of the APPLICATION GUIDE’ (located in Step 4).